Electric Vehicles in Urban Europe (EVUE), pour une mutualisation européenne des connaissances !

Electric Vehicles in Urban Europe (EVUE) focuses on the development of integrated, sustainable strategies and dynamic leadership techniques for cities to promote the use of electric vehicles. Urban initiatives to encourage the public and business to use EV’s will contribute to EU clean air and car fleets targets, making cities more attractive and competitive. EVUE will exchange and disseminate solutions to key barriers such as public resistance, lack of infrastructure, rapid technology change and obsolete economic modelling.


EVUE, managed by URBACT, will provide a platform for the rapid exchange and diffusion of up to date knowledge on urban electric vehicles strategies. It will help cities to create economies of scale and avoid costly mistakes. URBACT will be supporting the creation of a knowledge base in a new area of urban mobility policy, about which relatively little is known or tested. Through generating awareness and building capacity the results of EVUE can be mainstreamed into city policymaking to inform the design of future strategies delivering low carbon cities.


Today, 11 cities in Europe are partners !




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