Entre Daimler et Zappos, qui proposera la meilleure expérience de mobilité ?

Daimler confirme son engagement dans de nouvelles formes de mobilités. Avec une couverture mondiale pour Car2Go et ses 100.000 clients, Daimler Mobility Services regroupe toutes les activités du Groupe dans le domaine. Stuttgart devient le principal Living lab notamment pour tester Moovel. Car2gether (covoiturage temps réel) et Car2share (autopartage P2P) complètent les services en cours de développement. Cette approche systémique basée sur la vente de services de mobilité est également engagée à Las Vegas d'une toute autre façon par Tony Hsieh, CEO de Zappos.

Il vient d'inaugurer un projet de transport urbain ambitieux appelé Projet100. Son objectif est de rendre le centre de Las Vegas sans voiture "personnelle", en utilisant une combinaison de voitures sur demande Tesla Model S (100 véhicules partagés), des vélos partagés, des véhicules électriques de proximité partagés et des bus. 

Project 100 is the code name for a complete transportation system designed to let you get rid of your car and be more connected to your neighborhood. It includes on-demand cars with drivers, shared cars you can drive yourself, bikesharing, shuttle buses and more. The experience is simple: open an app so we know where you are and tell us what zone you want to travel to. With that information we’ll give you a set of options, for example, 1 – Be picked up by a driver in a Tesla in 3 minutes, 2 – Drive yourself in a low range electric vehicle that’s 0.2 miles away, 3 – Grab a bike that’s 0.1 miles away or 4 – Hop on the party bus that will be near you in 4 minutes.

How does it work?

We want the member experience to be as simple as possible. That’s why we’re focused on the simplicity of a mobile application. What goes on behind the scenes is anything but simple and we don’t want our members to have to worry about any of that.

The services available to you are structured around a set of zones, in the case of Las Vegas: Downtown (roughly one mile around a central point), Residential (roughly two miles around the Downtown zone), the City and the Outer Zone (basically anything outside of the metro area which in Las Vegas is easy to define…the city basically stops).

Based on your answers, your membership level and supply and demand, we can offer you a set of options, including vehicles that can pick you up and vehicles and bikes available to drive within a guaranteed amount of time that’s consistent. For example, you will always know that if you are in the residential zone and want to get to the Downtown zone, you can be picked up at your door within ten minutes.

How is this different from Uber or Zipcar?

We looked at each of those types of programs individually for a long time and worked closely with a lot of the big names in the transportation space to figure out a solution that met our goals. Ultimately we decided to build something different that’s designed to replace your car 100% of the time. You have one key to your car and we wanted to build something that replaced that one key with one membership and doesn’t force you to decide each time which system was best for your needs.

We also spent a lot of time studying the state of transportation in cities and found that confusion and friction is what causes most people to choose not to travel to an area regularly. If you live two miles from the Downtown zone, for example, that’s a long walk for a night out, getting a taxi anywhere other than New York City or Chicago is impossible and public transit is built for the masses. We think there’s a better way to solve all of that.

Ces 2 exemples montrent que l'objectif est maintenant clair, compris, "simple". Ils montrent également que la route à emprunter, les acteurs impliqués et les méthodes ne sont pas, eux, connus. Qui d'un constructeur automobile mondial ou d'un industriel de la vente en ligne sera capable de proposer la meilleure expérience de mobilité ? Qui construira en même temps un imaginaire en ligne avec les tendances actuelles ?

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