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Développez et implémenter la mobilité multimodale dans votre territoire

A Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan aims to create a sustainable urban transport system by addressing – at
least – the following objectives:
• Ensure the accessibility offered by the transport system is available to all;
• Improve safety and security;
• Reduce air and noise pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption;
• Improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the transportation of persons and goods;
• Contribute to enhancing the attractiveness and quality of the urban environment and urban design.


Un portail européen des meilleures pratiques de mobilité urbaine

The European Local Transport Information Service Europe's portal for local transport news and events, transport measures, policies and practices implemented in cities and regions across Europe. To search & find, click here !

ELTIS belongs to its users. Please feel free to contribute to the site. Send any News and/or Events information you would like to contribute to: Raf Canters (please contact in English!)

The aim of ELTIS is to provide information and support a practical transfer of knowledge and exchange of experience in the field of urban and regional transport in Europe. It should give the user the opportunity to explore best practices from European cities and regions, to search for specific transport solutions and to be informed about the state of the art in a given transport application. In turn this should help create a more sustainable living environment, one which provides greater accessibility and mobility to its inhabitants.