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Collaborative Vehicle Infrastructure System (CVIS) Project

This document has been written as part of the Cooperative Vehicle-Infrastructure Systems (CVIS) project to raise awareness of the potential of cooperative systems to help tackle urban transport challenges among local authorities and urban planners.

Cooperative systems are systems by which a vehicle communicates wirelessly with another vehicle (V2V – vehicle-to-vehicle communication) or with roadside infrastructure (V2I – vehicle-to-infrastructure communication or I2V – infrastructure to vehicle communication) with the ultimate aim of achieving benefits for many areas of traffic management and road safety.

The 84 page document explains available technologies and example applications for cooperative systems, possible benefits for local authorities, steps for implementation, barriers to implementation and how to overcome them, etc.

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Intelligence into Urban Mobility

ERTICO organisait Le 4/02 un workshop sur la mobilité urbaine et l'apport des TIC.

ITS Europe held its second breakfast workshop at the European Parliament on the theme “Intelligence into Urban Mobility”. Co-hosted by Dieter-Lebrecht Koch MEP and Zita Gurmai MEP, the event boasted high level speakers from industry and the European institutions. ERTICO strongly supports its Partners’ and European initiatives in advancing and deploying ITS solutions to make Urban Mobility safer, greener, more economical and more efficient. This needs an approach which involves all stakeholders and activity areas: infrastructure, behaviour and vehicles. A focus on cost-effective and mature solutions and a coordinated implementation is vital.

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