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Light foot print strategy (english)

The article
 Charles Edward Ring, member of the Executive Committee of Roland Berger in Les Echos, is interesting. It develops
an analogy between the U.S. military strategy and the company's future. Taking
the idea that military organizations prefigure the future (see or review on
this many elements in Transit City). Try to apply these trends to the fields of
mobility and transport companies.

selected for this future are “VUCA”: Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and
. These concepts have been mentioned several times in this blog (see
in particular the MetaNote 11 Introduction to complex thought). Given these
elements, the strategy can be summed up by "light foot print":
increase agility, adaptability to future unknown, the learning of new techniques
and new environments quickly, form yourself continuously. The proposed seven
principles describe in MetaNote 1 to survive across crisis. On the contrary, all
wars yesterday were based on pyramidal structures and heavy equipments. Thus
the light becomes the main feature, and the footprint the symbol.

this strategy results in three actions: Drone, Special Forces and cyber
. A fourth element seems necessary: Spy. How can we translate these
strategic choices in the industrial world ?

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