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Connected commuting in San Jose – Once again, innovations arise in California

Thanks to Robin Chase … According to PR Newswire

"This week, the New Cities Foundation ( launched a Task Force on connected commuting at City Hall in San Jose, California. The initiative will look at ways to improve the overall commuting experience by making it more efficient, engaging and fun, using social media platforms. The project is a collaborative effort between the City, several leading companies in this field and first rate academic partners. NCF believes transportation and mobility issues are among the most important challenges facing cities worldwide and this is an area where IT-based innovations can make a radical change.

Task Force membersinclude NCF Founding Member Ericsson, San Jose's Department of Transportation, the University of Berkeley, MIT, Orange Telecom and two start-up mobile phone app companies, Waze and Roadify."

Project aims to use social network of comuters and IT innovations to understand real mobility behaviors, information exchanged and shared in real time. Then based on these new data, "the Task Force hopes to spur innovative products, technologies, and services that enhance commuting."

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